Friday, February 27, 2009

Woven Headbands

Woven headbands are so cute! They come in any color combination you can think up. Ribbon is woven together on 1/2 inch headbands. They are great for anyone. The cost is $4.00.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Multi Pink Streamer

Ponytail Streamers are great for girls that have outgrown traditional bows but still need something to complete an outfit. The ribbon is attached to the ponytail so there is no need to mess with extra elastics or clips from bows. They come in many different colors - shown is the multi pink. Also comes in a multi purple, multi blue, uniform (tan, navy, white), white, Christmas colors, multi colored, or any color combination. It would be great to match school colors for performance dance groups or cheer squads.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Large 3 peg Hair bow & Headband Holder

Large Hair bow and Headband Holder
3 Peg Board

Cost: $15.00, board is 12 inches long, ribbon is 1 1/2 inch wide and 23 inches long, holds average 40 bows with three pegs to hold headbands or even ponytail streamers.

Colors: Brown with pink flowers, White with pink flowers, White with purple flowers, or Pink with white flowers. All are sprayed with glitter for the touch of sparkle. I can customize colors to match decor. Hook is attached on the back.

Medium and Small Hair bow & Headband Holders

Small Hair bow holder:
Flower or Butterfly
Cost $7.00, length 27 inches from top to bottom, holds an average of 10 bows with places for 5 headbands.
Ribbon is 1 1/2 inch wide with a 3/8 inch ribbon running down the center. They are also sprayed with glitter paint, which adds that extra sparkle for your sweet little girl. Attached to a D hook which makes it very portable for taking bows to Grandmas house for the weekend.

Medium Hair bow holders:
Princess Crown
Cost $10.00, length 24 inches, holds an average of 22 bows with places for 12 headbands.
Ribbon is 1 1/2 inch wide with a 3/8 inch ribbon running down the center. They are also sprayed with glitter paint, for that added sparkle. This crown is complete with added jewels for a touch of bling for your princess. Hook is attached to the back.

Hair Bow and Headband Holders Display

I was so excited the day I finally figured out how to make these bow and headband holders. I did a little cheer kick and my husband thought I had gone crazy. Like many of you I use to put my bows in a basket along with everything else. I would have to dig and dig for bows. Frustrating!!! Now, my daughter can see all of the bows she has, and pick them out without my help. She also knows where to put them back. Headbands aren't a problem either since these holders have a place to hang any style of headbands.
The ribbon on each holder is made from 1 1/2 inch grosgrain ribbon and the small and medium have a 3/8 inch ribbon running down the middle for hanging any style of headbands. They are finished at the ends with a coordinating ribbon. Each have hooks and are ready to be hung on your childs wall.
I'll post the different sizes separately hoping to make it easier to see, and will include dimensions and prices too.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

The Savannah Bow

How cute is this!
I have a friend and customer that brings me her beautiful dresses and challenges me to make bows to match. It isn't usually too big of a task but this time she put me to the test.
This beautiful dress she found in New York and she loves the Tiffany Box Blue and the sparkly blue and copper dots on it. I found a Tiffany Box Blue and a copper ribbon to add just a tad of bling. She LOVES 'over the top' bows so this bow measures 7 inches across and is layered with a brown satin on the bottom, and the blue on the top with some fillers in the middle. I love texture so those fillers include just a touch of a brown feather. I loved making them and creating something that really does complete the outfit.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Gerbera Daisy

I recently added the Gerbera Daisy to my line of hair accessories. Aren't they adorable! Each flower is attached to an alligator clip and therefore is interchangeable between hair and headbands. Great for babies and bigger girls too. Shown is the pink Gerbera on a brown crochet headband. Cost for the flowers are $5.00 and the headband is $3.50. Flowers come in pink, red, yellow and orange and the headbands come in all of the colors of the rainbow and more. Thanks for looking.